Home DIY – How to Find the Home of Your Dreams!

Well, today, let me give you some advice on how to find the home of your dreams:

1. Get your personal finances right.  If your credit is bad, fix it.  If it’s not, get pre-approved for a home purchase, you will have much easier time dealing with your broker.

2. Go seek and find your dream house persistently on a daily basis.  Heck, I even have a blog about ones I find so I can come back to it.

3. Look for foreclosures – Times are bad for home owners and people who lose jobs but this can be great advantage for you if you can find a bank foreclosure.

4. Negotiate – Recession economy means you can negotiate the price down 20-30% easy.  People need cash and you can use that as leverage.

5. Have a real estate broker friend?  I know most of you in mid-20s and later probably have at least 1 good friend who has a broker license.  Make a deal with him/her and pay almost nothing for broker fees.

6. Own a home business?  Try getting a commercial warehouse/loft space and you can “write off” your monthly mortgage payments as expenses.

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