Camera Hack – How to Stick Any Digital Camera to Any Surface as a Tripod!

I’ve always been searching for new digital camera tri-pods and glad to say I have finally found one (thanks to editors at CNet), it’s called a Universal Pod, a tripod that will practically attach to anything, including a tree.

This is much better than the Gorillapad tripod I saw couple years back.

Universal Pod sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! Its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks to metal, wood, plastic, veneer, marble, Formica, cement, block, steel, brick, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, rocks and trees! Universal Pod utilizes its viscoelastic morphing polymer base to hold your compact digital camera horizontally, vertically or up-side down and at any angle. UniversalPod molds (morphs), sticks and grips to nearly any surface with a light amount of pressure. If the object is irregular in shape you simply mold the viscoelastic base with your fingers until it conforms to the shape. Universal Pod will let you be in all your pictures!

Price: $18.60 on Amazon

via cnet

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