Why Build a Teardrop Trailer

Why build a teardrop caravan?

Way back when in the 90s yours truly was the proud owner of a Ford Transit Camper. High top, gas cooker, 2 berth (although regularly slept 5-6, the 6th usually being Steve accross the front seats with feet out of the window) 2.5 diesel engine and ample storage.

After several years of foraying on inter city jaunts at home and abroad with mountain bike in back, it’s health rapidly deteriated. Noises began appearing where they shouldn’t, ie. not the usual camper van rattles and bangs from the back, cupboard doors, drawers and beer bottles in the wardrobe. As much as they were ignored at first the stereo 8 track would only turn up so loud and the old van ended up at the scrappers.

Whilst searching the internet one day for a suitable donor van for conversion I stumbled accross the lil guy site. What I saw intrigued me. Something I could put behind my small hatchback and go pretty much anywhere in. This was a time when diesel had just rocketed to £1.20 a litre. My little 306 pullsover 60 mpg my old tranny struggled to get 25. It took seconds to convince me.

As well as looking perfect for the odd night or two away they also look quite fun. Sleep 2 persons (and hopefully two terriers) have a kitchenette area under a hatch to the rear and can be kept to one side until required so no tax and mot to worry about. I searched the net for similar ‘vans and did a bit of homework on Teardrop Trailers and found that an awful lot of people were building their own. Hey presto. It can’t be that hard . . . . . . .can it?!

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