BBQ DIY – How to Barbeque Tri-Tip and Baby Back Ribs in High Altitude!

I had the pleasure of taking couple days off last week to head up to Lake Tahoe.  One of my best friend’s had a cabin up there and we’ve decided to go BBQ crazy in snow and high altitude.

Of course, we did go through some drifting lessons in the snow while trying to go uphill when the road was frozen, but we will get into that later.

On the first day, I barbecued bunch of stuff including a tri-tip and baby back ribs.  What I’ve noticed at high altitude (The cabin was about 7,200 feet off sea level), the BBQ grill will “burn” your meat a lot easier while the inside of the meat doesn’t cook.

So I did “burn” a lot of meat the first day as this was my first time barbequeing in the freezing snow.

On the second day, I did do a lot better, simply by flipping my meat a lot more.  (like every 30 seconds)

The key to barbecuing in the freezing snow weather is to flip your meat a lot, especially if you are using a portable grill like I was.

Of course, you will also make sure to wear warm, clothing while you barbecue, otherwise your hands will freeze.  Believe it or not, it was so cold, anything you put outside the cabin froze!

Well, I hope these tips help you cook better tri-tips and baby back ribs in high altitude. 🙂

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