Crackberry Hack – How to Green your Blackberry!

Blackberry is probably man (or woman)’s best friend, especially if you are always on the go.

Here’s a good blog post on how to “green” your blackberry:

1. Juice Up With The Solio Solar Charger
You can start by using the Solio solar charger to recharge your Blackberry as it will only take 30 minutes to fully recharge using this cool charger.

2. Get The iBerry Eco Today Theme
You can always remind yourself about the importance of preserving our environment with iBerry Eco Today Plus theme. Neat theme in earth friendly designs, this one is more for vanity purposes than anything else.

3. Donate, Hand Off, Trade, Or Swap Your Used Blackberry, Don’t Trash It
Last but not least, don’t throw your unwanted Blackberry into the trash bin. Consider donating it to charities or younger family members. You can also trade in your Blackberry at places like Swap Tree.

Get creative and you will have an eco friendly experience with your Blackberry.

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