Garden DIY – How to Kill Gophers and Moles with a Solar Powered Sonic Deterrent!

I have to say I’ve been fighting a LOT of gophers while I used to live at my parent’s house.   I did use the Sonic Mole Deterrent which requires 4 D-sized batteries and would run out every couple weeks or so but here’s the solar alternative that will keep going once you insert it into the gophers’ holes.

These Sonic Deterrents basically make noise, which is really annoying to the rodents.  (and to you too.)

Of course, one trick to deterring these nasty little gophers is to not use the Sonic Deterent all the time, make sure you deter them and take it out.  Sometimes the moles/gophers will get used to the sound and no longer work.

Another good alternative is to use poison, works great for killin’

Price: $17.95 on Amazon

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