Bicycle DIY – How to Make a Cargo Trailer for your Bike!

When I used to go to middle school about 20 years ago, I used to have a rack for my alto saxophone I’d carry to school.  It was very heavy and the ropes made my bike look like a bike SUV. (if there’s such a thing)

Anyways, here’s a cool bicycle DIY on how to make a cargo trailer for your bike, sorta like motorcycles.

The front half is an old 26er mtb frame that I had been using as an errand/beater bike. The back half is a 29er mtb frame that I had purchased online a couple years ago… it showed up with a bad head tube/down tube weld. When I talked to the shop about getting a new one, they told me to make the frame un-rideable and email them pics. Once they saw that I destroyed the frame, they’d send me a new one.

The two frames are held together at two attachment points: a 127.5mm spindle BB (w/ some washers) in the rear frame is bolted into the rear dropouts of the front frame. Two 3/4″ pieces of 6063-T52 aluminum tubing are bolted to the rear frame (through the seat tube and seatpost) and then attach to the front frame (via half an old stem bolted to the front bike’s seatpost with a 28.6-27.2 seatpost shim).

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