Car Hack – How to Hide FasTrak, EZ-Pass, or Other Toll Tag in Your Car!

FasTrak toll tag device can be annoying and ugly for your car interior, there’s no reason why you can’t hide it somewhere else such as underneath your glove department.

Here’s a great DIY that can give you some good ideas on how to hide that RFID toll-tag you always wanted to get out of your eyesight. (nevermind, the annoying factor when you drive or the toll tag slides…)

This instructable covers how toll tags work and how to embed or hide your FasTrak, or EZ-Pass, or any other electronic toll collection device in your dash so that you do not have an annoying tag in your window.

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2 Responses to Car Hack – How to Hide FasTrak, EZ-Pass, or Other Toll Tag in Your Car!

  1. Robert Chin says:

    At least in California, if you want to use the FasTrak only lanes then doing this would be in violation of California Vehicle code section 23302, which could get you a ticket by one of those traffic cops often stationed near the FasTrak only lanes…

  2. max says:

    I don’t think you’d get pulled over, cops usually only check for people going over carpool lanes, it’s impossible for them to check if people actually have FasTrak in their cars.

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