Food Hack – How to Make Ultimate Breakfast Sausage!

Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast is one of my favorite menus at Denny’s.  Someone has figured out how to fit that whole menu into a sausage you can eat.

Looks pretty delicious to me, it might save me time in the morning on breakfast.

Also included in this Instructable is the recipe for Bacon Sausage, which was originally what I had intended to make, but got sidetracked with the Ultimate Breakfast Sausage. Why is it then that the title of this Instructable isn’t Bacon Sausage? Perhaps because bacon sausage, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, is too much of a good thing. Which is to say, that it’s got so much fat in it, that it’s barely a sausage at all, and that it poses some serious cooking and ingesting problems which preclude it from being an internet famous project.

via instructables

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