LOL – DIY Ford Mustang Body, Toyota MR2 Custom Car!

My redneck friend used to say FORD stood for “Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge” and I have been confused to why he has a FORD now.  Anyways, there’s a Ford Mustang body kit for those of you with a Toyota MR2.  I don’t know why you would want to do this but you can.

I guess these guys are based in UK and they must be able to do this regardless of what kind of car you have.  It might be a great idea to build a sleeper car that “looks” like a Mustang but goes waaay faster?

In any case, here we are with a kit that consists of a new front and rear body section, new door sills and skins, various lights and hinges, plus a supremely awesome set of rear window louvers. Get yours now in either a ready-to-assemble package for £3,995 (about $5,800) or partially assembled for £7,995 (nearly $12K).

via autoblog

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