Fishing DIY – How to Make Plastic Molded Fishing Lures Yourself!

As someone who loves to fish and also crab-fishing at nearby Pacifica or under the Golden Gate Bridge at the Pier, this DIY is definitely recommended for any serious fishermen who want to make their own plastic-molded fishing lures.

I was thinking the other day about how much it costs to buy fishing lures, when I always lose or break them. I also thought it would be great if I could come up with a way to customize them somewhat and create a whole new, possibly better artificial bait. After some searching, I found that commercial molds and plastics are extremely costly. I was in dire need of an alternative. What I came up with works extremely well, and can be made for cheap using old lures for the plastic and a few recycled materials for the molds and injector.

via instructables

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