Xbox360 Hack – How to Make a Lag Switch!

Here’s a fun way to make a lag switch, it allows you to “cheat” on online games by disrupting the Rx (receiving) channel while the Tx (sending) channels keep working.  The other users get a lag while you shoot them basically.

Great idea, but if you need to cheat that bad, you should just keep practicing more instead.

By attaching a physical device (called a lag switch) to a standard Ethernet cable, a player is able to disrupt updates/communication from the server with the intent of tricking the game server into continuing to accept client-side updates (which remain unimpeded). Since the client game-player is impeding the reception of information download, on the client game-player’s side the opponents will slow down or stop moving, allowing the client game-player to more easily shoot them, block them, out-race them, etc. From the other players’ perspectives, the person using the lag switch may appear to be teleporting, invincible, having delayed animations or fast-forwarded game play, or the player may simply find themselves losing to an invisible opponent.

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2 Responses to Xbox360 Hack – How to Make a Lag Switch!

  1. Mike says:

    i seriously dont have a website xd. thanks man u rock

  2. joe Dozer says:

    Anyone who uses lag switches really dont know how to play at all that well. If you need to rely on altering game play to the point where you are given a considerable edge well you might as well not play since where is the fun in that? Lag switches are the equivalent of playing on a playskool hoop board.

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