Platform Bed DIY – How to Make a Platform Bed!

Well, it seems that a lot of home DIYers are into making a platform bed for themselves.  We’ve featured bunch of articles on how to make a platform bed but today, let me bring them all together in one blog post plus I’ve found couple more resources.

1) Perhaps, this is the “best” DIY platform bed I’ve seen.   It features an extra long and wide outline and a nice headboard to finish it off.  You can read the DIY details here.

2) This one is a really cheap DIY platform bed that could be made pretty easily under $30.  Although I don’t think it’s pretty, you might be able to save a couple bucks over buying a bed frame.

3) Here’s a “Danish” DIY platform bed.  if you need that Danish-European look, this isn’t too bad.

4. Another good DIY on how to make a platform bed, this one really gets into the “platform” or the supporting structure.

5. Here’s another good DIY platform bed with a solid base.  Really, I like this one as you can paint it any color you want.  Only thing lacking is storage space underneath the bed, which most good platform beds come with.

6. Apart Therapy posted this awesome DIY platform bed with storage or booksheves.  I like this one because you can fit various different sizes of mattresses. (and books!)

Well, there you have it, 6 of the best DIY platform beds you can build with free resources from the internet.  Also see these great platform beds you can buy too.

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