iPhone Might Be Coming to Verizon and CDMA?

Finally!  There’s some rumors that the iPhone might be coming to Verizon, or CDMA networks that is.  As good as the iPhone is, AT&T has reached too far into consumers’ wallets, knowing their network sucks.

Anyways, this is good news as Verizon and Sprint have proved that their broadband connection is 2-5 times faster than their GSM competitors.  I will definitely get an iPhone if it’s available on a CDMA network, otherwise I will have to keep ranting about how AT&T sucks.

There have been rumors buzzing around the Internet for some time Apple is secretly preparing a CDMA version of the iPhone, probably headed to Verizon Wireless, and probably by the end of this year. It’s no secret Apple has been advertising jobs that require experience in the CDMA wireless standard, which Verizon Wireless and Sprint both use, and is the competing standard to GSM, which AT&T and T-Mobile use, as well as the standard the current iPhone uses.

via cnet

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  1. Ryan Rife says:

    Didn’t AT&T have a 5 year exclusive contract with Apple?

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