iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone App!

Here’s a cool free application guide to making your own iPhone app. I’ve been hearing how much you could make with iPhone apps, this DIY should get you started very quickly.

The company has created an entire 37 page guide to the development process (below), decisions they made and what they learned during the creation of their PhotoKast app. Their hope is that the document might provide insights for other developers when they start out on iPhone App development projects.

via mashable

3 Responses to iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone App!

  1. Mobilizing says:

    Is there a place where I can contract someone to make an iPhone App?

  2. Excellent ebook. Very high quality and great information here. Right now the iphone app market reminds me of some sort of gold rush. With hundreds of developers finding over night financial success with their very first apps sometimes. Definitely a great skill set to have and I recommend this book to anyone looking to start developing for the iphone.

  3. max says:

    Might be late for this but check this out I guess: http://www.phonefreelancer.com/ as per comments below.

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