HP Firebird 802 Unboxing Review!

Okay, the guys over at Engadget are always receiving “free” stuff and also complaining but heck, I am jealous. :p

Anyways, they have some “pictures” you can see before they do a full review of this new HP Firebird gaming PC.

The Firebird itself looks just as nice in our living room as it did at CES, but there are some sad surprises here — the super-heavy external power brick has a troublesomely lame connector, and the included wireless keyboard is pretty simply crap — the slightest downward pressure basically bends it in half. Plus, we’re not at all sure why the mouse and keyboard require a plug-in USB dongle — why not just build the receiver into the gigantic chassis?

Lol, I wonder if HP likes to be criticized.

via engadget

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