Golf DIY – How to Become a Better Golfer!

Well, since I am a scratch golfer, I have been giving out bunch of free instructions/tips on how to become a better golfer, here’s my latest tips on various different aspects of golf:

  • How to Practice with Less Balls at the Driving Range – This post shows you how you can minimize the ball-banging mentality while maximizing your mental/physical skills while you are at the driving range.  This technique has helped me break par and win junior tournaments in the past so, knock yourself out if you are an aspiring golfer.
  • How to Add 30 Yards to Your Driver in 30 Days – This post reveals some of the secrets that I use to increase my driver distance.  I am 5’9″, 175 pounds, my driver goes 320+ yards, you can learn how to do it too.
  • How to Hit the 3-Wood Chipshot – The 3-wood can be very versatile club around the green if you know how to use it and practice.
  • How to Hit the Sand Shot – I reveal secrets I learned from Stan Utley, one of the best short game players/teachers in the world.

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