Garden DIY – How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots!

If you are into growing plants (not that kind hopefully unless you have a license for it in CA), you might want to learn how to make seedling pots using newspaper.

I tried the drinking glass newspaper pots (too big), the origami newspaper pots (too big and had to think too hard), and the toilet roll paper pots (good but didn’t start collecting soon enough). So, duh, I just made tiny versions of the drinking glass pots with (don’t tell anyone) a little piece of tape per pot.

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  1. Heather says:

    You know what I found that works good is a calk tube. the one I am using is brand new. and I am using half sheets of newspaper because I want them to break down more quickly. but the calk tube is like the perfect size and you can avoid using tape too.
    I just use the calk tube to roll up the paper, stuff the paper down into the end and then I use an empty pill bottle (just because it is small than the caulk tube) to push the paper down flat on the inside of the pot. Finally, just because the edge of paper sticking out at the top bothers me I make a fold around the top to hold that down.

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