Eco-Garden DIY – How to Make Your Own Rain Barrel!


Here’s a great DIY on how to make your own rain barrel and re-use that natural unfiltered water for your garden water:

1. Make sure you place or install the rain barrels on a level surface, as the barrels will get heavy once filled with water.

2. You want to make sure you keep small critters and debris out of your collected water, and you can achieve this, by installing mesh screens and covers on your rain barrel. You don’t want standing water attracting unsavory types, such as mosquitoes.

3. Take note of the weather, as cold temps ice and snow could possibly (or most likely) crack your rain barrel and destroy it.

4. To avoid an overfill on your rain barrel, try adding in another or adding a device which will runoff excess water into your yard.

5. Final tip is to use the collected rainwater. That is the whole point in harvesting it.

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