Survival DIY – How to Make a Survival Knife for 10 Cents!

Here’s a fun way to convert a hacksaw blade into a survival knife you can use on your next camp outing.  I do like this idea so much because you can make a bunch of these for you and your friends.

Hacksaw blades are VERY hard, high-carbon steel. They take and hold an edge very nicely, but can be brittle, so you don’t want to make your blade too long, and it can’t take a lot of abuse, but these have a lot of good uses in a survival kit. Each blade has a hole at each end. I figured I can get two blades out of each hacksaw blade (I could get three out of the length, but I want the hole at the end for lanyards, etc). That gives me 20 or more mini-survival blades for less than 10 cents each.

via m4040

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