Best Pocket Projectors Review!

Well, it’s that time of the year, yes, we have bunch of pocket micro projectors you can buy.

Whether you are using for your next business or your next movie (practically anywhere where there’s a wall), you can get it and it will cost you less than $300 for most micro projectors.

First up we have the Optoma PK-101 Pico Pocket Projector priced at $219.99, featuring connector kits to your iPhone, iPod, iTouch and camcorders.

UPDATE: Optoma PK-301 will be available soon, read my PK-301 Hands-on review at CES 2010.

This device isn’t designed for laptops (for god knows why?) but it could be a great companion if you are not thinking about using it in business meetings, just for personal use.

Second up, we have the 3M MPro110, priced at $169.99, which features “VGA” resolution, meaning something around 640×480, not too bad since this technology is new anyways. This one, however, does connect to your laptop, so great for business meetings.

UPDATE: Better 3M MPRo120 is here now!

Next up is the Aiptek PJV11X priced at $249.99, which has the low resolution at 640×480 but is also the cheapest.  The Aiptek works on iPods, camcorders, and laptops with AV-in and USB input.

In all, I’d have to say portable projectors are still in the works and pricing is too high for the average consumer but if VGA resolution satisfies your requirements, it might not be a bad as for now until the next new line of higher resolution portable projectors come out.

On the side note, I have heard rumors that Apple will be making a micro-projector either on their new iPod/iPhone or a separate device.  (I got friends in the optic chips sector in Silicon Valley, that’s all I can tell you.)

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  1. CEbeastt says:

    Where would projectors from a company called rank among these projectors? Though their name doesn’t resonate as do Optoma’s or 3M’s, their products seem to be garnering a lot of praise on other sites. They seem to have the brightest, but I guess lumen rating is not an exact sciene. But they also claim to have the world’s first laser projector….why weren’t their products included in this ranking?

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