Ultimate Ears Super.fi Earbud Review!

Well, last time I reviewed some of the more affordable earbud but today let me review the Ultimate Ears Super.fi series and breakdown of their products/prices.  I’ve been hearing rumors that these Ultimate Ears earbuds are really tight, let’s see if the specs stand up to that.

First up is the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studio, priced at $84.95, it ain’t cheap and it’s the “lowest” model you can currently get for the Super.fi series.  (There’s a lower model but it’s called the Metro.fi, we won’t get into that since we are reviewing the best of the best here.)

The main feature of the Super.fi 3 is that it can do 26dB of noise isolation.  That’s pretty good an earbud, here’s the description:

The super.fi 3 Studio earphones give you studio-quality sound in a unique in-ear design that incorporates pro-style ear loops to keep your earphones in place and a universal fit kit. They seal your ear canal like the metro.fi 2, but block even more noise because the internal speaker is different. The super.fi 3 studio incorporates a proprietary balanced armature driver–the same technology found in hearing aids. Instead of pushing air to generate sound waves like your home speakers, a balanced armature is a coil that vibrates like a guitar sting. This driver gives you distortion-free, full-range audio clarity while the in-ear design provides up to 26dB of noise isolation for clearer sonic detail. The super.fi 3 series is a great introduction to true audiophile headphones for those who are looking to get more out of their portable player.

Second up is the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4, priced at $99.95.  From just looking at it, you can clearly tell the Super.fi 4 has bigger earbud pieces, probably leading to higher isolation and better sound.

If I were you, I’d spend the extra $15 on this one over the 3 series, it’s more worth it for the silicone fit tips.

The super.fi 4 uses the same speaker technology and sound signature that is used in other Ultimate Ears professional monitors. The noise isolating design reduces ambient interference and enhances quality of sound. The custom tuned balanced armature/speaker is enclosed in a durable, lightweight aluminum housing. The super.fi 4 features two wearing styles, cable down for casual listening and over-the-ear while exercising. Accessories include a pocket-ready hard carrying case, comfortable silicone fit tips with small, medium, large and dual flange fitting options, and an airline attenuator for hearing protection when using an unstable sound source.

Third up is the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5, priced at $188.23 (at the time of this post).  The first look resembles series 3 but if you look carefully, the wires are thicker, meaning a better sound driver is used for more power.

Basically this guy features 2 separate drivers to deliver sound separately with more power.  Boy, I’d kill to have one of these, wow!

The super.fi 5 Pros are the closest you can get to the same professional-grade stage monitors custom-made by Ultimate Ears for stars like Madonna, Metallica, and Linkin Park. Experience superior full-range sound, thanks to audio filters that shape the sound for maximum detail and passive crossovers that direct music to two different drivers for precise audio reproduction. This design incorporates one 13.5mm diaphragm for clear, non-muddy lows, and one precision balanced armature for detailed mids and highs. These earphones also include a metallic travel case.

Last up but not least, is the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 10, priced at $313.89.  Why so expensive?  Well, they claim you should be able hear every sound, every drum beat, and anything that the other ones miss.

With 3 separate sound drivers, I couldn’t really disagree.  If you can afford it, get this and tell me how it is.

The triple.fi 10 Pro series is Ultimate Ears’ latest technological breakthrough and the only professional earphone product with three separate drivers–one for accurate bass, one for the critical vocal midrange, and one for crystal-clear highs. These earphones also incorporate all the best features that Ultimate Ears universal products have to offer, including pro-style ear loops that secure your earphones in place and a universal fit kit–plus a distinctive metallic blue finish that truly separates you from the pack. The triple.fi 10 Pro’s also come with a metallic protective travel case, sound attenuator and ¼” adaptor jack. Now your head is a world class recording studio. But don’t take our word for it–hear the difference for yourself.

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