The Weekend Countdown Clock!

This Weekend Countdown Clock is an awesome way to countdown to your weekend every week if you have a regular 9 to 5 job.  Of course, better way is to save your money and start your own business, you won’t need this clock then.

We all look forward to the weekend, that is unless you have to deliver the weekend papers or work down the local boozer. We live for the weekends so a clock that tells you how long it is until going home time on Friday is ideal. Some of us can’t even get to Monday lunchtime before looking to the weekend.

Set the Weekend Clock for when the weekend begins, whether that’s at 5pm on Friday or your last shift of the week on Sunday. Suited for all job types.

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One Response to The Weekend Countdown Clock!

  1. Blundell says:

    Lol Clock

    There’s also an android application that can countdown to Friday 🙂

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