Leather Sofa Bed Sleeper!

I couldn’t but help notice the stylish leather sofa bed sleeper over at our bed blog, it looks so comfortable.

I know there’s a lot of sofa beds out there but this one I will have to bookmark for my future home.

The Leather Lavish Sofa Bed Sleeper is made of bicast leather  and is coated with polyurethane. All of the seats and backs are high density (2″) foam to give comfort and support and the sofa turns into a sleeper with an easy tug.

via bedzine

3 Responses to Leather Sofa Bed Sleeper!

  1. the leather product is furniture cover and sofa the car seat cover full use furniture product. the full use animal skin leather product very great and nice.the product is very stylish.


  2. Max Alcabes says:

    I’m sorry, but that does not look comfortable at all, not for an actual night’s sleep. Although the piece looks ‘cool’, there is no way the designer’s had an actual bed in mind when creating this.

  3. Trini Sario says:

    I have to agree with Max. I’d prefer comfort rather than the ‘cool’ factor when talking about having a good night sleep.

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