Palm Pre Video Review!


Here’s a first look at the new Palm Pre, built on open source platform, sorta like Android.

It looks really good but time will tell how many hackers and developers will catch onto Palm’s open source platform.  There’s no word if it’s based on Linux or proprietary, in which case it will be a hard sell.

I highly like the screen very much.  Well, watch the video!

The video is one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the covert tinkering Palm execs had to do with their pre-production devices at CES last month.  In it, you can see the calendar, contacts, Synergy linking of information from Microsoft Exchange, GMail and various social networks, browser and more.

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  1. Mike says:

    Still no hands on? I imagine if the reporter/blogger were to try to get his hands on it, the device would have self-destructed. Either that, or a Palm Ninja would have come out of the shadows to slice the reporters hand off then look around the room with a look that suggests “and let that be a lesson to you all”. I am new to this whole waiting for a hot new phone deal. Can anyone tell me what kinds of things they hope to hide? What features have they failed to show off in these demos? I am confused because by my judgement, everything seems to work just fine.

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