Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s Laptop news Roundup for today:

Dell will be releasing their Studio 15 soon, the HD-equipped laptop will come with nice subwoofers which I am having a hard time believing there will be much bass if any.

Gateway has their new laptop line, the TC7306u and TC7307u series.  I am not a fan of Gateway laptops but who knows, they might make a come-back soon.

Dell is tinkering with Arm processors for low power, Linux laptops.  It’s a good thing but I am not sure if ARM processors are fast enough yet for laptops.  They have been traditionally used for PDAs and bunch of embedded devices.

ASUS announces their newest Eee PC equipped with WiMAX, a smart move.

Freescale, the manufacturer of many CPU devices, is planning an Android-powered laptop, very similar to the Movit device we saw earlier.

Samsonite showcases their new laptop case L35 XL, check it out.

You can get the ghetto-laptop stand for just $10.

That’s it for today, for more, go here.

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