Consumer DIY – How to Get the Credit Card Collector to Stop Calling You!

I have to admit, I have had a big debt last year and credit card collectors would call me every hour starting from 8am to 9pm.  Of course, they “somehow” found the phone numbers of my former jobs and called them too.

But I guess there’s a way to stop them from harassing you, simply by writing them a written letter.

Of course, I am doing okay now and no one is calling me but if you are in debt and you just want those phone calls to stop, this will help you do just that:

The most important provision allows you to write to a credit card company collector and get them to stop contacting you. It doesn’t make the debt go away and it doesn’t help your credit rating. The credit card company can still sue you, and it might do just that.

But it does stop the phone calls and the harassing letters. It forbids collectors to call your work or call your neighbors.

People need time to organize their finances. People make poor decisions when pressured by collectors. The FDCPA gives people time to think, consult with attorneys and do what is best for them.

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