Parking Hack – How to Hack Parking Meters!

Well, San Francisco has been buzzin’ with new parking meters that can be paid wireless via your cellphone or even re-charged via a website.

Here’s a bunch of neat stuff on how to hack parking meters.

*NOTE: This is informational only, not for real life, don’t blame us if you get arrested. :p

If you can find a similar-sized coin from another country, that might be a good way.  I used to use Korean won coins for video games at my local pizza restaurant and they worked like a charm.

Here’s an excerpt from someone who advocates using Chinese Candy, lol:

If you live in a big city that has a “Chinatown”, then another great way to cheat the meter is to purchase a roll of chinese candy called “HAW FLAKES” at any chinese 5 and dime store.

Haw Flakes come in small rolls of twenty and cost about a nickel a roll. Haw Flakes WORK IN THE METERS AS QUARTERS (not the digital meters). You put in one Haw flake and GENTLY turn the crank. Sometimes they break, so just try again. They do work. Haw Flakes are mighty yummy too..but remember thier great value as money before you scarf all your quarters down. You Chinese folks out there no what the hell I’m talking about don’t cha……

Here’s another hack that makes the parking meter go out of order by holding your quarter half-way for about a minute.

What I’ve seen done in Chinatown in Oakland, California is that the locals will simply bust ALL the parking meters.  Even though the city replaces it, they get busted within hours so I think the city gave up trying to charge people for parking… Lol…yes, people have “powers” when they come together and bust parking meters.  I am not saying that’s a right thing to do but heck, I’ve seen that HACK.

I’ve also seen people stick small, thin objects into the parking meter or sometimes even gum or urine.

Another good way is to simply do above then place an “Out Of Order” sandwich bag over the parking meter.  This will drive the parking meter people crazy and you can fight these even if you get a ticket. (Who wants to put a quarter where someone put gum and urine all over it???)

Anyways, those are just some ideas on how to hack parking meters if the world ended tomorrow but don’t do it, be an honest person. – “What you do will always come back to you.”  Smile! 🙂

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