OLPC Hack – How to Run OLPC on any Laptop!

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), can now be run on any computer via a USB flash drive.  If you wanted to get your child one of these OLPCs, you no longer have to buy an OLPC.  Just get a used laptop for 50 bucks then simply stick one of these Sugar on Stick USB flash devices that will run OLPC operating system.

There are two versions of Sugar on a Stick available at the moment. One is based on Fedora 10, while the other is basedo n Ubuntu 8.10. I tried out the Fedora version, which also makes it easy to create persistant storage space on the flash drive, which means you can save any changes to the USB stick. In other words, while Sugar on a Stick boots like a LiveUSB, since you can save changes you can treat it like a portable operating system. You can carry it with you and plug it into any computer to pull up your operating environment.

via liliputing

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