Amazon Kindle 2 Video Review!


Here’s a nice video explanation of the Amazon Kindle 2.

One thing I like about this Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon hooked up with Sprint’s EDVO network to launch the free wireless 3G connection to the Kindle 2.

The only disadvantage to Kindle 2 may be attributed to the fact that people have to actually buy the electronic books, sorta like Apple App store.  This may save trees but I wish there’s a way for people can “trade” the books they’ve bought, sorta like real books.  (Well, that might get into some copyright troubles…)

Also check out the Kindle 2 advertisement on YouTube, I find it hilarious they make the 16-gray shade a new “feature”.

There’s even a guy who’s never going to buy a Kindle 2 on YouTube. (funny, check it out!)

Read the Kindle 2 review here and buy a Kindle 2!

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  1. coffee says:

    the Kindle’s main selling point for me is it’s text-to-speech feature

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