Web 2.0 News and HOWTOs for Today!

Here’s a wrap-up of Web 2.0 news and howtos for today from our .Net blog:

If you haven’t seen the deer killed by Google van, please do so.  You can now use Nota to remix your videos, images into a webpage.

Check out Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft’s 2008 revenuesiDesktop.tv is offering fully customizable YouTube player skins to invites only.

GMail is working on multiple inboxes which will really catapult it above MS Outlook.  Also check out Google’s heatmaps for people’s searches, very interesting.

Now there’s a Google Alert-like thingee for videos, Video Alerts! Learn how to back up your Twitter tweets using Twistory here.

Zumeo.com, a job recruitment site, has just launched and I like the design.

Watch out for the new Stimulus online scams, and finally but not least, Comcast is on Twitter to help everyone.  (Can you imagine everyone getting customer support via Twitter in year 2020? I can’t. :p )

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