Kingston DataTraveler 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive!

For the ultimate USB flash drive, you might want to order this awesome 32GB Kingston Flash Drive from Amazon, I will have to order one today.  For $70, it’s a steal for the amount of data you can store on this little thing.  Heck, get 10 of these and you can backup ALL your data.

DataTraveler 150 USB Flash drive is big news in mobile storage. With a capacity of 32GB, it lets you store more digital files than ever before on one drive. DataTraveler 150 from Kingston helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers, allowing them to easily store and move files in a 32GB device no bigger than a pocketknife. As easy as click and drag, DataTraveler 150 can hold just about any file you can think of – term papers, theses, digital images, spreadsheets or other important documents.Backed by legendary Kingston reliability, DataTraveler 150 is a reliable, inexpensive solution for carrying digital files with you anywhere you go.

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