Food Hack – How to Make Seaweed!

Seaweed has always been a big food group in my life, due to the fact that Koreans love seaweed and its everywhere in the ocean in Korea.

Now, seaweed does have lots of nutritional goodies like vitamins and they are like the ultimate vegetable from the sea, something the land can’t offer with its mass-produced crap.  (unless it’s organic and local, well, still…)

My mom grew up in a small island in South Korea, where her family were the richest sea farmers on that island. (It’s called the Namhae Island here)  Her dad (or my grampa), had a big ass boat and they used to catch everything from sea urchins to big tuna fish.  One of my mom’s sisters is actually a politician (like a Senate) on the island now!

During those days, my mom and her 10 sisters would dive to the bottom of the sea and bring up lots and lots of fresh seaweed. (and other natural sea ground inhabitants)

Now, you can always dry the seaweed and hibernate it for later use or cook it in a soup right away.

So, there’s really no way to “make” seaweed but yes, seaweed is all good and all natural.

Did you know seaweed is one of the main ingredients in ice cream?

For vegetarians, this might be a great way to add a good sea menu to your diet.  For everyone else, you should really look at seaweed as the “vegetable” of the sea.

Here’s some links to seaweed stuff:

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