Best Earbud Review!

I have to admit that I am a earphone/earbud addict who has gone through so many of them (10+ in last 2 years), I would be a good person to review earbuds.

First, earphones are old, they don’t give you the bass you can get with earbuds, which encapsulate all the sound.

Second, bluetooth stereo earphones are still outdated, I still have my $150 Motorola S7 and I never use them.

Anyways, I’ve gone through a bunch of earbuds so let me tell you which one is the best.

You need to look for the following qualities in an earbud:

  1. Earbuds come with different sized buds you can fit to your ear.
  2. Make sure the whole earbuds fit in your ear, not sticking out.  If it sticks out, you won’t be able to listen while you fall asleep in your bed. (which is what hardcore earbud-addicts like I do, listen all day and night, even in sleep)
  3. At least 1.2 meters of length.  If the earbud wires are short, you will eventually break them while snowboarding. (which I did during this video shoot, darn there goes $30!)

I bought these 2XL earbuds and they are quite good except the wires are short, and I broke the left side during one of my snowboard jumps.  If you are not looking to spend a bunch of money on earbuds, these are the best for your value. (Also take a look at Sennheiser CX300, really good also, maybe slightly better than 2XL.)

I’ve had about a dozen Sony earphones in my life and I have to say they are the best for sound and durability.

I just bought another Sony MDR-EX55LP from BestBuy but I recommend any of the MDR-EX series, they are awfully well done.

You can get the MDR-EX75 on Amazon, which is more value for your dollar.

The worst is the default Apple earphones that come with your iPod/iPhone.  They wear out after about a month of hardcore use.  You can actually get some more hearing by turning them sideways but I suggest you get an earbud if you are serious about listening to music.

Well, I will have more updates and reviews in the future but for right now, my choice goes with Sony for earbuds.  (Now, that’s only for earbuds I said…)


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