Pet Toy Hack – How to Make an Internet-Enabled Pet Toy!


Here’s an interesting hack concerning a device which can control lasers via the internet to keep your pet busy.

I would have to say this might be a great way to get your dog/cat’s attention while being able to see him/her in front of the webcam. (if she/he is not in sight of course)

I think this is a good idea that could be transformed into something commercial in the future for real dog/cat owners who might be at work.

So what is LaserPup? It is not a dog with a laser beam attached to his head, as cool as that would be. In its simplest form it is an internet enabled dog toy. I have created a small device that mounts in the ceiling of my basement where my dog likes to play. It is comprised of two servos, a buzzer, and a laser pointer. The servos move the laser pointer around on the floor, alleviating the need for my arms to do it myself. Because really, there is nothing more exhausting than sitting on the couch watching TV while your dog chases the laser around the floor. The buzzer is used to notify the dog that it is time to play, and also that play time is over. This is really a bit of a social experiment, and I’m curious how long it will take before he understands what it means (if ever).

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  1. It’s an interesting idea, not only to keep your pet busy, but to have some fun. I can’t even remember how many videos with cat+laser I saw. They always crack me up.

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