Wii Hack – How to Make Wii Remote work in Ubuntu!

Here’s a cool Wii hack that some of you Ubuntu hackers might want to do, how to make Wiimote work in Ubuntu.  As a Ubuntu user myself, this could come handy if you are thinking of making your own Ubuntu/Wiimote multi-touch device.

Open up a terminal (Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal) and enter the following command

sudo aptitude install wminput wmgui lswm

Next, we need to find the bluetooth device address of your Wii remote, this will allow you to connect to your Wii remote faster in future, and will let you know if your system can connect to your Wii remote via bluetooth.

In a terminal type the following command


And press buttons 1 & 2 on your wiimote to put it in discovery mode.

If you don’t see something that looks like 00:2A:34:95:FE:B0 then keep on running lswm / pressing buttons 1 + 2 on your Wii remote until you do.

Please note down the number that lswm returns (that looks similar to 00:2A:34:95:FE:B0), this is your Wii remote bluetooth address (Keep in mind that the number given here is an example).

Check to see if all the capabilities of your Wii Remote (and extra controllers) work

Start up wmgui (Applications –> Accessories –> Wmgui).

wmgui is an easy application that’s good to use for simple diagnostics on your wiimote, nunchuk and classic controller.

Full instructions here

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