HD Video DIY – How to Edit MOV files or convert it to AVI!

Well, I have been messing around with my new Aiptek HD 1080P camcorder that I got for $150 on Amazon and I have to say it’s worth your money if all you need is high quality videos at low prices.

Anyways, the only problem I had so far was with the native MOV files, which won’t work with my Microsoft Movie Maker.

The best and free solution I found was from RAD Video Tools program, free to download and will convert your HD videos in full.

You should never have to spend money on software, especially if you’ve just bought a cheap HD camcorder. 🙂

Anyways, I haven’t uploaded my latest HD video to YouTube yet but definitely will and show you how well the Aiptek performs in Web 2.0 world.  Stay tuuuned folks.

2 Responses to HD Video DIY – How to Edit MOV files or convert it to AVI!

  1. wondering? says:

    but according to the latest review.. the aiptek is (more or less) junk?…

  2. zedomax says:

    Yes, Aiptek is junk after using for about 3 months, don't recommend it. Will update post.

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