My Friend’s Super Bowl Medieval DIY BBQ Grill!

(My friend’s handmade BBQ Grill)

(Look at the handle that controls the height of the grill)

Well, my friends and I were partying it up for Super Bowl weekend and we used his medieval bbq grill that was custom-made by his dad’s friend.

As you can see, the BBQ grill can move up and down.  They should make this cool BBQ grill into production.

Here’s a video of the cool grill:


2 Responses to My Friend’s Super Bowl Medieval DIY BBQ Grill!

  1. Cameron says:

    This type of BBQ is common in lanzarote. I love the idea of being able to move food up and down while cooking. Simple.

  2. Anton Varekamp says:

    Very practical!
    My sincere compliments for this design.

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