Florida Couple gets their dead Dog Cloned and Back to Life!

Wow, this is an interesting news, a Florida couple gets their dog cloned and back to life in South Korea.

I think cloning shouldn’t be illegal for such cases as your dog or human and in this case, I am glad that the doggy came back to life, what a lucky dog.

What would be cool is if they can “grow” arms and legs for people who have had their arms or legs amputated.

What I wish

Bereft with life without their pet, the family decided to bid on a biotech firm’s dog-cloning auction in July.

On Monday, the family picked up a clone of Lancelot, called Lancelot Encore, at the Miami International Airport, where the three-month-old puppy stepped of a plane from South Korea, courtesy of Bioarts International.

Young Lancy did not come cheap: Mrs Otto sold a few pieces of expensive jewellery to raise the $155,000 price tag on the exact genetic replica of Sir Lancelot Snr.

via telegraph

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  1. Wow!!!! All I can say is AMAZING

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