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Well, here’s some interesting posts across the Zedomax Network today:

First, for ladies, check out the Botkier Morgan small hobo handbag, it almosts reminds me of an exaggerated version of a big fluffy, hairy squirrel.

Second, for internet marketers, learn how to (not) use Stumbleupon to make more money with Adsense.  Stumbleupon is like printing money for your web traffic, do use it right or you can inflate your own Adsense revenues.  Also check out how Adsense is great for check and balancing your real web traffic stats.

For home improvement addicts, you will need to check out DIY Hoodie Laptop sleeve, Confluence Seating System, Mosh Multi Mirror, DIY LED-illuminated fridge magnet, and Lit Yunak Round Bed.

On Keetsa today, for those of you eco-addicts like me, you will need to check out how to make juice by hand cranking, Yokohama’s new tires based on orange oil, and Reebok’s new eco-friendly shirts for Super Bowl.

For Laptop whores, please check out Panasonic’s new Toughbooks for durability, expandable laptop bag, the new Mouse Netbook, and finally, invisible laptop speakers that might start making our laptop/netbooks even smaller.

In the mattress industry, Komfi Dream Mattresses seem like the ferrari of mattresses.  Organic mattresses seem to be on the rise including this one.  (There’s rumors that Keetsa will soon be rolling out with organic mattresses too)  You can also check out this corner bed for your lovely pet.  If you are pregnant, you will need to check out the maternity pillows here.  And more memory foam mattresses by EuroMax, but I still recommend Keetsa’s green tea memory foam mattresses.

On our Net blog, we have the Obama’s YouTube Presidency, Obama’s Oath of Office Video, Web statistics of Obama’s Inauguration, and Obama’s Inauguration speech.

For ring lovers, check out the diamond crocodile ringSmiley Face Ring, Jellybeans ring, and Heart-shaped red coral ring.

In the sleep sector, you can check out the Snore Mouthpiece, the latest gadget that can help you stop snoring.

For travel, learn how to find cheap airefares, top diving spots of the world, how to get a job overseas as an English teacher in 10 days, how to travel greener, how to buy a round-the-world plane ticket, and more.

Phew, that’s a lot of sites to cover in 1 blog post.  Please enjoy searching and reading on the Zedomax Network.

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