Consumer DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the secrets to good night sleep is buying a good mattress that is good for your back too.

Well, I have been using this Keetsa Pillow Soft mattress (Cal King Size) for about a year or so and I have to say it’s the best bang for your dollar as far as mattresses go.

The best part about my Keetsa mattress is the fact that it’s REALLY comfortable, apart from all the greeness.

Even though I am pretty eco-conscious, when I buy something such as a mattress, it’s gotta be comfortable as heck.  Keetsa mattresses are like that, I get a good nights rest like everyday and can’t wait to goto bed.  Plus, I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, I got a Cal King for about $940!

On top of comfort, this Pillow Soft mattress is actually a “hybrid” mattress composed of green tea memory foam topper on top and springs in the bottom.

Check out my mattress here:


The mattress itself is composed of over 70-80% springs, which are all recycled steel, good for the environment.

I’ve recently even bought for my friend as a wedding gift and they are lovin’ it because it’s not an expensive mattress but it feels like one.  Everytime my friends come visit me, they are like, “Wow, where’s d’ya get that mattress?  It’s SOOOO comfortable!”

Heck, if there was a Keetsa store near where you live, I’d check it out.  But do take my advice, this Cal King Pillow Soft I got for just $934 online, came to my apartment in a UPS box.

You can beat that price for a nice Cal King that can fit 2 adults and a baby.  Go to any retailers and you might be lucky to find a queen size for that price. (and would still suck)

Even if you don’t need a new mattress, you can get the mattress rejuvenator here, which is basically like converting your mattress into a hybrid mattress like mine.

Try out Keetsa Green Mattresses yourself!

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