Sleepzine Sleep and Health Roundup!

Well, Brian Yalung, one of our bloggers have been going very far into sleep and health over at our network blog, here’s a roundup of what I think you should read up on:

First, read up on how taurine and caffeine affects your sleep patterns and how you can mediate your insomnias.  Also caffeine can cause hallucinations, which I find it hard to believe as I am a super caffeine addict but good to know.  Chocolate can also cause sleeplessness, interesting ‘ey?

When I first came to America at the age of 9, I (didn’t) experienced sleep walking due to fatigue and culture shock for about 3 hours.  Good thing my mom was around to protect me but if you want to know more, read up on sleep walking here.

Unemployment may be causing more sleeplessness for most people, that’s just fact of life.

Better than ear plugs, these new Pop Pillows might do the trick for giving you noiseless nights in your bed.

If you’ve recently birthed a new baby, make sure your baby sleeps in correct positions, there’s been a lot of infant deaths due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which basically means your baby can suffocate.

Also is interesting to note that Zolpidem may cause sleep walking and other paranormal behaviors while you sleep.

Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist might be worth a try for deep sleep.  Night Wave is another gadget that might work too.

Do you sneeze often?  Here’s simple solution: Sleep more and sneeze less.

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