The Whip – Lamborghini Snowboard!

A company called Cheetah has developed a new sleek snowboard coined, “the Lamborghini of Snowboards“.

We like the new design except they might have to change their slogan unless they want a lawsuit from the car maker Lamborghini.

Cheetah Ultra Sports has apparently developed the Whip F-117 after four solid years of research, development and taking oodles of time off to hit the slopes. In short, it’s dubbed the Lamborghini of snowboards, promising to make riders go faster, feel lighter, turn quicker, edge harder, carve sharper and be broker. Yeah, we’re just kidding on that last one, though the $1,899 price tag may just disagree

via engadget

2 Responses to The Whip – Lamborghini Snowboard!

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  2. I just want to get that snowboard so I can say I’m batman…LOL

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