Obama to Ditch His RIM Blackberry for a Windows Mobile Phone? – I “Hope” NOT!

Well while I *thought* for sure that Obama would be keeping his blackberry with special encryption provided by the NSA, that’s not the case and Obama might be ditching his RIM Blackberry for a Windows Mobile phone.

Now, when you think of stability of security, do you think of anything *Windows*???

Arghhh, this might be the worst decision ever if the President does decide to go with a virus-susceptible Windows phone.

I’ve personally have had numerous Windows-based smartphones and I am glad to say they all SUCK.  (Basically the operating system starts clogging after a month of use.)

BOOOOO Windows, go away, we don’t want your stinkin’ mobile products to represent America, at least start giving out free software like Ubuntu.

via alleyinsider

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