G1 Hack – How to Turn your T-Mobile G1 Phone into a Multi-Touch Device!


Wow, here’s a cool little G1 hack that turns your T-Mobile G1 Android device into a multi-touch device.

You might void warranty but heck, it’s a G1 phone.  I will be ashamed not to break warranty at cool hacks like this.

I moved my original multi-touch code back into the kernel, because it turns out that currently it’s a lot easier to patch the kernel and get a working Android system than it is to patch the Android java stack and get a working system. (The Android java stack that made it into the G1 was branched and polished long before the source code was released publicly, and the source code in git usually doesn’t run without problems due to being in a state of flux.) You can find the kernel patch to the synaptics touchpad driver here. Many thanks to zinx for helping to polish the kernel patch and figure out the best way to get mutitouch info into userspace.

via engadget

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