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If you are fashion bag-addict, you might enjoy what’s up on the Bag Blog today:

Like organic and cotton?  Try the new Freesia Portfolio handbag that might save carbon footprint while making you look flawless.

If you are not too environmentally educated but you like the color green, then try this D&G Olivia Dome Tote that will go well with any outfit.

Juicy Couture gets more taffy with its new line of bags.

I’ve never been a fan of mink but here’s a mink tote bag for all you animal-killaz.

You can also get very swirly with this Paul Smith “swirly” handbag.

WAIT, there’s more for you bag-lovers in pink and orange.

Obama bags have been very popular in the recent weeks, especially the Tory Burch Obama bag here.


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  1. Great,Love this blog.

  2. Yeah,I never seen thos blog so many bags.

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