DIY and HOWTOs from Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog

Here’s a re-cap of some of the internet marketing stuff I posted on the Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog:

Learn how to survive the recession if you are a blogger.  Money on the internet can be found everywhere, including the latest Obama Inauguration.

Are you still censoring your own blog?  Don’t and learn about “Freedom of Speech” on the internet and why it’s important to bloggers to be more freer and freeeeer.

Feedburner now moving to Google’s own domain name, change your feeds accordingly.

Read up on Obama’s plan for technology and Web 2.0, important to bloggers who are making a living online.

Lastly but not least, don’t be afraid to fail.  Failure breeds success.

I might be a little overboard here but DON’T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS or take anything from the authorities.  (but do READ books)

Also learn how to bring more web traffic simply by writing more, more, and more like an energizer bunny.

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