Thai Food Hack – How to Make Som Tum Papaya Salad!

Due to my indulgence in authentic Thai food (mostly caz my girlfriend is Thai), I love eating super-spicy authentic Som Tum, a salad consisting of Papaya as main ingredient.

Anyways, if you want to learn how to make this, I know how but there’s already an article on how to do it here.

Pound the chilies with garlic thoroughly in a mortar, follow with dried shrimp and pound again just for softly. Add yard-long beans, papaya, carrot into the mortar. Pound to be crushed.

Add tomato and roasted peanut, and use a pestle and a spoon help to mixed up together in the mortar.

Season to taste with palm sugar, Thai fish sauce, lime juice and tamarind juice into the mixture, stir well. This step you can try and see if anything you want to add moreā€¦some like more sweet, some like more sour.

And finally you will get Som Tum Thai serve with sticky rice (if you have) or can have like a snack with fresh vegetables like Chinese cabbage, cabbage, yard-long beans. Or some people will have it with roasted chicken and cool beer depending on your suitability.


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