Obama is the First Black President? Yes and No.

Is Obama the first black President?

The straight answer here is yes and no depending on where you are coming from.

If you are a black person who wants to be proud of Obama as the 1st black President, then yes.

But if you are referring to Obama as a black person and you are from the big media, I think no.  We should all note here the fact that Obama is half white and half black.

My point is that Obama should be treated as someone who is capable of running this country regardless of his race.  Why do white and black people have to “name” black and white on everything?  And why does it matter if Obama is right for the job?  And didn’t people vote for his skills, not color?

As an Asian person who can see outside the black and white box, this completely perplexes me, people shouldn’t label people with anything that has racial associations.  It will only lead to racial tension and misunderstood associations.

Is Tiger Woods black?

No, Tiger Woods is probably more Thai than actually black.  But why do people think Tiger is black?

The answer lies in the media and they are not too sensitive on the black and white thing.

Unless we change the media to clearly identify races (if they are going to label someone), we will always have more prejudice in this country.

Why Black or White?

It doesn’t matter, can we just call Obama the 1st President who is clearly better than McCain and Palin or any other candidates that were running for President?

Heck, they should call Obama Asian, he’s mixed, clearly not fully Black or fully White, so Asian.  🙂

Here’s an interesting read on Obama won’t be First Black President and look at the comments.

6 Responses to Obama is the First Black President? Yes and No.

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  2. Katster says:

    You are correct, President Obama isn’t the first African American president of the United States. Warren G. Harding was. Check it out on the net.

  3. Tsao.ming chu rachel rusly says:

    obama presitand:
    I am Tsao.ming chu rachel rusly at lucky.
    have your planning gave you must seeing peoples speaking. All play! to TRUE LORD GOD THE ALMIGHTY.
    TIME is in proe. just (what time is bast good?)remanber…..time is GOOD.

  4. Libby says:

    Clearly better? Yeah right!!! Please think!

  5. Libby says:

    Clearly better? Yeah right!!! Please think!

  6. Libby says:

    Clearly better? Yeah right!!! Please think!

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