CES 2009 SwissFlash – Swiss Knife on Steroids!

Looks like the next generation swiss knife is here, a SwissFlash, equipped your typical scissor, knife, and of course, a 32GB Samsung flash drive coupled with fingerprint sensor too.

I’d say this is the swiss knife on steroids.  It should be available at Victorinox soon.

But it’s also designed to serve as a handy presentation remote, since it comes with bluetooth and a set of emulated left and right mouse buttons. So the knife you probably already carry in your pocket for opening plastic blister packs can now control your exciting PowerPoint slideshows as well. And for pointing out specific items, they’ve even crammed a laser pointer in there too. At the moment the SwissFlash Presentation Pro doesn’t appear to be listed on the Victorinox website, probably because it isn’t for sale just yet, but prices range from $164.95 for the 8GB model up to $329.95 for the 32GB.

via ohgizmo

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